If I was building a new home, the last thing that I would want to find out at the last minute is that it has been being built with moldy building materials.

This happens a lot more often and is a lot more serious than you might think that it is. Mold is a big problem in homes these days, either due to not paying attention to the condition of your home while you are living in it, due to a natural disaster such as a hurricane, or perhaps the most avoidable reason, it was built into the home that you currently live in.

Mold gets built into brand new homes all the time and it is not only the contractor’s fault, but also the owner’s for not paying attention to the building materials being used at the time. For someone paying to have the home built, what they need to do to help prevent this is to pay attention to what is going on at the building site and to visit it often.

The building should be completely covered with a tarp until the walls and roof are totally finished and there is no possibility of rain, snow, or any other kind of precipitation to get into the house.

Before building begins you should inspect all the building materials such as the lumber, sheetrock, insulation, and etcetera that are being used. Inspect them and if you see any signs of mold at all, have them tested with a home test kit and set them aside until you are sure that they are not contaminated.

Something just as important as the other things mentioned here is to make sure your contractor and his or her workers are not storing the building materials directly on the ground.

This is just asking for mold to start growing on these and this is completely avoidable by just raising the materials up off the ground. They should come into contact with the soil as little as possible, if at all.

Mold testing during different stages of the home’s development should also take place. The testing should be in the beginning, near the middle, and after the home is completed.

As long as you pay attention to what is going on around the new site of your home while your contractor is working on it, you should be able to almost completely avoid mold being built into your home.